1.Regular Students

a) A parent / guardian can withdraw the child at end of the academic year. For this, the request for withdrawal must reach to the school office latest by 31st March. A request received after this date up to 31st May Rs. 5000/- fees will be charged. Thereafter up to 30th September will entail a penalty of one term (six months) fee. Any withdrawal thereafter will entail payment of full year’s dues. No relaxation in this rule is possible.


b) If a student is expelled from the school no refund of fees or any other charges, will be made.


c) A student can be expelled from the school by school authorities for any of the following reasons:

    i). Non payment of school fees and other dues in time
    ii). Misconduct or serious indiscipline which in the opinion of the school authorities has an adverse influence on his / her fellow pupils.
    iii). Unsatisfactory academic progress.
    iv). Prolonged absence from the school without proper leave.

2. New Admission

a) If a student is withdrawn within two weeks of admission or before start of the school whichever is earlier, in addition to the admission fee Rs. 5000/- will be deducted from the tuition fees. Remaining of the tuition fees, laboratory fees, activity fees etc will be refunded.


b) If a student is withdrawn after start of the academic session till 30thSeptember, one term tuition fees, lab fees, activity fees etc. will be charged. Remaining tuition fees will be refunded


c) Any withdrawal after 30th September, no refund of any fees or any other charges will be made.


3. Security Deposit

a) The student will be entitled for refund of security deposit in all cases except for the reasons mentioned at Para 1(c) above.


b) Security deposit receipt in original along with withdrawal application to be submitted to the school office. Refund cheque will be ready within 30 days from the date of submission of Security Deposit receipt.


c) Security Deposit will be automatically forfeited after three years from the date of leaving the school.


4. The rules and regulation laid down by the school should be adhered to by the students. Parents should see that their ward follow the rules. Defaulters will be penalised accordingly.