Wider Horizone

Creativity - The syllabus is designed to help the students to achieve their full potential. Rajhans Vidyalaya makes education an enriching and enjoyable experience. The focus is on nurturing the child's creative virtues, to tap his originality and lead him to the path of knowledge. Thus Rajhans Vidyalaya believes in "Holistic Development", that means physical, mental and enlightening the soul.

An elaborate time table and ample opportunity is provided, encouraging the children to explore the world of creativity.

Art, craft, music, yoga, games, and physical education form an integral part of education.

Integrated studies - In Rajhans Vidyalaya equal emphasis is given to academic excellence and co-curricular activities. The synthesis of academic and co-curricular activities helps the child in forming a "Global Outlook". The competitions organized focus on nurturing creativity, self-confidence, self esteem, inculcating values, general awareness and articulation.