Our Vision

Inspired by the vision of making education a meaningful experience the child learns in an environment of “joy and motivation”.

We believe in “Holistic Development" that means physical & mental enlightenment of the body, mind & soul.

We seek to develop the creative potential of the child shaping each one to be critical thinkers with a global outlook. The faculty enlightens the futuristic minds, fostering a spirit of self-discovery. The school thus, sets the students on their thrilling journey towards education, fearlessly facing the problems and challenges of tomorrow.

RAJHANS BELIEVES that “Education can be defined as the technique of transmitting, as completely as possible, to as many as possible technological, intellectual, moral and artistic heritage through which, the race forms the growing individuals and makes them human.” (Convocation address by Anand Swarup Caprihan to graduates of Agra University in 1935.).