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  • Creating awareness about learning disabilities in children today is extremely crucial because through this awareness, educators can focus on nurturing and enhancing the abilities that these children possess,use them as examples, highlight their achievements and the strides they have made.

    Keeping this in mind and through the initiative taken by our director, Major General Deepak Saxena, a workshop on “Coping with Developmental Disabilities in regular school stream”, was conducted on Saturday, October 7, 2017. This workshop saw the enthusiastic participation of the Principals, Vice Principals, Supervisors and teachers from all 4 schools (131 in all) under the aegis of Hansraj Morarji Trust. The workshop was conducted by a renowned Mumbai psychiatrist, Dr. Vishal Savani, who enlightened the attendees about various Developmental Learning Disabilities among children such as Dysgraphia, Dyslexia, Dyscalculia, ADHD & ASD.



  • The attendees were guided through its identification and treatment option of medication & counselling. Various teaching strategies such as mnemonics, bullets, summary, multiple revision, audio books, note making, sharing resources, modifying evaluation etc. were suggested to help students cope better with learning. Behaviour modification techniques such as rewards, lotteries, token economy, time out were also suggested.

    The attendees were also sensitised to the fact that these students tend to feel guilty over low marks and are unsure of their output. Gaining trust and showing appreciation was thus underlined. A group activity session was also held, interspersed with various inputs from teachers. At the end of the session, vote of thanks was offered to Dr. Savani for having conducted this beneficial and inspiring workshop and to our Director Major General Deepak Saxena for providing an enriching and stimulating learning environment. The workshop ended with the attendees dispersing for lunch.