Various Events



  • A two day workshop called Capacity Building for Master Trainers was conducted by CBSE at Gopaldas Birla Memorial School on 7 and 8 October 2016, for teachers teaching the 9 and 10 grade. The resource person was Miss Kiran Singh and Khyati Dwarkadas of GBMS. This was attended by Ms. Jyoti Sharma and Ms. Renita Naidu from Rajhans Vidyalaya. Brainstorming Session on Tools and Techniques, Learning Outcomes, Lesson Plans, revised Bloom’s Taxonomy were examined and discussed.

    The whole experience was very informative and educative and equipped the teachers to elevate the learning process. The entire session was interactive; various activities were incorporated to convey key concepts. Overall, it was a very enriching experience which could be carried onto our classrooms to achieve academic excellence and all round development of our students.



  • “Story telling is an essential human activity and a powerful way to put ideas into the world”. To emphasise upon the important tool in education, Rajhans Vidyalaya organised a “Story Telling in Education” workshop on 7th June 2016. It was conducted by Sonia Bharadwaj of Biscotti Media.

    Mostly attended by the language teachers of the primary, secondary and senior secondary sections, the workshop analysed the multiple benefits derived from the story telling in the classroom. It enhances creativity, captures attention and retention power, improves language skill and also sharpens problem solving ability of a learner.


    “Great stories happen to those who can tell them”. The workshop underlined the various facets of the art of storytelling viz., voice modulation, dramatization and appropriate expression. To provide a hand on experience on story telling exercise a few games were conducted for teachers; one of them being inventing stories out of proverbs another challenging game was to narrate a story by using the letter of alphabet in the usual order to frame words with which to begin each sentence of the story.


    In all these exercises, care was taken to make the story relevant and include a generous dose of humour in storytelling and make the end thought provoking.

    The workshop was an enlightening and enriching experience for the teachers.


  • It was a well planned, thought provoking seminar/workshop for all primary, secondary and senior secondary teachers. The workshop was conducted on 9th June, 2016 by Ms. Ranjeeta Basu ( PhD Economics).

    The speaker mentioned that globally the focus for the last 10 years had shifted to Education from Health Care. The speaker also suggested that the Mindfulness approach had been developed from classroom research and therefore was best suited in education. It helped in getting more Holistic involvement and better attention from the students.

    The Mindfulness Approach was explained by-Asking oneself as to why one was at the class, activities were conducted for what one felt like when one was very happy or in love. Another activity had the teachers pair up and tell each other about one time in their lives when they were most happy and felt very secure.

    It was explained how Mindfulness Approach would overcome barriers of students such as uncontrolled thoughts, disquieting interrupting emotions and overcoming inner laziness. The speaker also discussed the SBNRR-STOP, BREATHE, NOTE, REFLECT & RESPOND approach or method to respond to stimulus correctly which helps one be in control of their response and not simply react.


    Then examples were given of how Mindfulness benefitted Group Interactions-by adding compassionate touch to one’s insights and helping one combine love with one’s wisdom.

    The speaker also explained how in lengthy, intense lectures one could take breaks of Mental or Physical or Emotional check-ins. She also explained how taking attendance became more of an acknowledgement of one’s students presence and telling them that one was there to help.

    The process was also clarified, how teachers would feel more connected to one’s students and more compassionate towards them. The teacher would eventually be able to share one’s enthusiasm or passion for the subject with one’s students and help them overcome their blocks and fears. Eventually the students would then perform better.

    The speaker also mentioned about Mindful Listening when one offers a patient hearing to one’s students without interruption. It was also discussed how Mindful Reading of a passage or poem can be more effective when there is a total involvement and more contemplation and reflection than literal narration. Finally, the speaker discussed Mindfulness Writing with intention to attention and compassion. The workshop concluded when the speaker explained that whatever one did if it was done holistically, whole heartedly and meaningfully there would be a better outcome. The teachers imbibed the lessons, internalized the workshop and also provided feedback to the speaker as to what areas covered were found interesting and useful.


  • Mr. D. Sivanandhan, the ex-Director General of Police, Maharashtra state visited our school on Friday, 22nd April, 2016 to speak on a very relevant topic ‘Security & Safety of Children in the School Environment.’ A highly acclaimed IPS officer with an illustrious career spanning over 35 years of service, Mr. Sivanandhan participated in an interactive session with a gathering that included the school director Capt. B. C. Kumawat, Principals, Staff and parents (members of APT) of the various schools. Mrs. Mala Ramadoorai, our trustee made the occasion even more special with her presence.

    Mr. Sivanandhan spoke about the different problems and situations facing a student today ranging from rash driving leading to growing incidents of road accidents, the easy availability of drugs, cigarettes, alcohol which entice the children leading to addiction, the impact of internet where children are exposed not only to knowledge but also the ill of pornography.

    He delved on human trafficking, the growth of crime syndicates which exhorts money and hold people to ransom and spoke at length about the increasing cases of sexual harassment, gang rapes and murders. He also drew everyone’s attention to the dangerous growth of radicalism, where young, impressionable children are persuaded to join organisations like ISIS which promotes religious terrorism.

    Mr. Sivanandhan emphasised on the need for grown-ups to be more sensitive, supportive and urged parents & teachers to be more alert, vigilant and observant, especially in these fast moving times where exposure to the internet, print and mass media has corrupted young minds and influenced the behaviour of children.

    He stressed on the need to improve security in the school premises by putting up CCTV cameras, stationing guards for manning different locations, carrying out anti sabotage checking, providing protection for students in buses and increasing the use of technology with training to face man-made and natural disasters.


Lastly, he enlightened everyone on the need to change their attitude towards the police force and consider them as their friend. He assured the audience that he with the police force would be happy to interact with the children and help them. He offered his help in imparting knowledge for installing and upgrading the security mechanism in the campus. He further said that the application of stringent laws contained in the Prevention of Sexual Offences Against Children Act would help curb instances of molestation and trauma and allow our children to live in a happy and safe environment.

This very interesting and enlightening talk will definitely help everyone realise the need to ensure and enhance security and safety of young children.