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  • Rajhans Vidyalaya, organized a seminar to overcome Stress on 1st September 2018. It was educative and effective as all the teaching fraternity together with the Principal Mrs. Deepshikha Srivastava, the Supervisors of Sr. Secondary section, Secondary and Primary, and the teachers of the school attended it.


    Content of the Seminar


    • Introduction

    • What Is Stress Management?

    • Need of Stress Management

    • Types

    • Stress Management strategy

    • Advantages of Stress Management

    • Disadvantages of Stress Management

    • How stress affects the body

    • Conclusion


    The session was monitored by motivational speaker Mr. Saurav Ghosh. He elucidated with the illustrations the aspects related to Stress and how to manage it, for e.g., Positive / Negative Stress, Causes of Stress (Internal and External), Impact of the Stress on Human Body and Mind, Consequences, Remedies, and lastly the methods/ways to live life happily.

    Mr. Saurav Ghosh explained to the teachers about the types of stress faced by them. He also talked about the stress relaxation therapies to manage stress and their implementation.

    The speaker simplified the topic by pointing out that Stress means a lot of pressure exerted on the person which demands solutions. One requires lot of energy which can be supplied from food, sleep and relaxed mind thus recommended to adopt a healthy lifestyle:


    • Exercise regularly.

    • Get enough sleep.

    • Eat a healthy diet.


    He conducted various activities and games like ‘Interlock your fingers’, ‘Count the round things all around’ explain how we can control our mind and function effectively with Stress. He said that every emotional act has a particular rhythm in our breath. If we focus positively it enhances our person while negatively it affects our health. One needs to control the mind and work peacefully.

    Towards the end of his talk, types of stress were explained and also demonstrated some exercises to relax in a tense situation.The session was very interactive and the teachers raised many queries and doubtsrelated tothe topic.

    The culmination of the workshop was the meditation which was very relaxing and blissful.