Student's Workshop


    “TIMES NIE WORKSHOP - 26th February, 2019"

    TIMES NIE WORKSHOP was held on 26th February, 2019 at Yeshwantrao Natya Mandir.

    The workshop comprised of a quiz based on general knowledge and current affairs. After completion of quiz, the participants wrote an essay/story, based on the two pictures displayed.

    The Chief guests for the event were - Ms. Shabana Azmi (Actress and Social Activist), R.A Rajeev (MMRDA’s Metropolitan Commissioner), Vinay Sahasrabuddhe (National Vice President of BJP and Member of Parliament).

    The participants for this workshop from Rajhans Vidyalaya were – Dileep Devarajan, Dhiti Wadhwa and Aryan Verma.


      “Workshop on Robotics for STD VII & VIII"

      Technology since the past few decades has taken over our lives and influenced every aspect of it. And just as computers, hardware, software,and programming knowledge is important for a student's success, similarly, knowledge of Robotics seems to have become the need of the hour.

      To give students a glimpse into the world of Robotics, whose influence can be seen across all industries, Rajhans Vidyalaya organized a Robotics session for students of STD VII and VIII, on February 2nd, 2019, at Atal Tinkering Laboratory. This interesting and interactive session was conducted by Mr Vikrant (BE.Mech) and his team.


      Students were taught how to build a Lego Linear Robot Walker, and through it, made to understand various types of motion and it's conversions. Stress was also laid upon the conceptual understanding of Applied Friction.

      At the end of the session, the facilitating trainers assessed the knowledge gained by students on Motion and it's practical application and it was found to be comparatively higher that what it was at the start.


      The session ended with the students enthusiastically racing their robots against each other in the ROBORUN.


      This workshop is just the first step taken by students of Rajhans towards learning about the creation of Androids which are capable of performing tasks more effectively than humans, and it'll surely stimulate the student's interest in Artificial Intelligence wherein lies the future of the World.



        On Monday, 15th October, 2018, Rajhans Vidyalaya organized an ‘Art of Living' workshop called ‘Stress Free Exams’ for the students of Std. XI & XII. Mrs. Anju Jagasiaand & Mrs. Twinkle Bachkaniwala conducted the workshop and discussed the tools required for focus during exams. Mrs. Twinkle discussed with the students the harmful effects of multitasking and showed them a way to focus on their task one at a time through ‘focus meditation pose’, with Anju madam demonstrating for the students. She also taught them ‘Bhastrika’, a tool for releasing stress and inducing thoughtlessness to help in absorbing the information in the text easily. The entire session was communicative; they talked about the minds of means through which we feel energized, the mind of food that should be eaten, how they can calm themselves better, etc. Overall it was an enlightening experience for the students and will definitely be useful for them.




          INCOME TAX – 6th OCTOBER, 2018

          On 6th October, 2018, the students of Std. XI F and XI B had an interactive session about the concept of Income Tax. The session was conducted by Ms. Urvashi - Asst. Comm. of Income Tax, Income tax officer and Mr. Ashwin - Inspector of Income Tax. The students were enlightened with the importance of income tax and how this money, which is received from the citizens, is put to use for country’s welfare in improving the condition of the roads and by giving support and access to education and technology to the poor sections of the society. Black money, GST and the government treasure was also discussed.



            ROBOTICS WORKSHOP- 10th OCTOBER, 2018

            On 10th October, 2018, Robotics Workshop was held at Nehru Science Centre. 15 students of Std. VII to IX participated from our school. The organizers taught the students about LEGO (mind storm EV3). LEGO is the latest technology used for building a robot. One and half hours was given to each team for assembling of robot and also test it. (Program was already uploaded in the IC) Then there was a competition where 3 tasks were given and they had to complete the task within the time limit. Shon Ghaywat of IX A, S. Kaushik of IX B, Sumant Lalit of VII B, Dev Shah of IX B and Raj Kularia of IX B won the 3rd prize. Each student got participation certificate and through this competition students got firsthand experience of robotics.The students are planning to build a team for LEGO competitions.



              SOLAR LED WORKSHOP- 2nd OCTOBER, 2018

              On the beautiful, hazy morning of 2nd October,2018the students of Std. VII to XII set out towards IIT Bombay at about 7:30a.m. With potato chip bags and their tiffin boxes, they arrived at their destination close to 8:30a.m. The campus had an air of intellect and freshness. The students were seated in one of the study halls, where they were given a presentation to sensitize them about the need for solar energy and the technical aspects of the lamp. They were familiarized with all the parts and were given the kits. The students had to test each and every component of the lamp to make sure that it would work at the showcase later in the evening. After a morning of technical testing, guided by a Power Point presentation and the organizers, the students had lunch at around 1p.m. Each one was given their own fun-packed box of DOMINO’S PIZZA! Yay! It sure as hell bought smiles on everyone’s tired faces. Immediately after lunch, the students began the assembling of the lamp, it took about 2 hours (of battery fixing, wiring, attaching, detaching, soldering, and final assembly), and when it was finally done, they all had their own bright, functioning lamps and all it needed was a solar panel and a few hours of charging and it would work for days!! Honestly, everyone felt the joy of creating something with their own hands. Around 6:30p.m, when it was closer to sunset, they were transferred to the gymkhana ground.

              The students were addressed by the Director of IIT Bombay, Chetan Singh Solanki ─ a professor from the Department of Energy Science and Engineering and the founder of SoUL (Solar Urja Lamp project) said, “Once the students understand the importance of saving energy, it will help us spread the word faster and create awareness”.

              Shri Anil Kakodkar ─ former chairperson of the Atomic Energy Commission mentioned “Like Gandhi’s charkha was the soul of freedom struggle, these solar lamps are important to spread the message of solar, renewable energy.”

              The State Education Minister ─ Shri Vinod Tawde said that “Students could be given extra marks if they made efforts to reduce carbon footprints”.The guidelines for the official attempt were laid, and then came the moment.

              At the countdown, everyone lit their lamps simultaneously to create this magnificent arena which looked like it was filled with thousands of fireflies; dancing with the music booming, and everyone’s hearts beating a tad bit louder with all the excitement. They all knew for once, they were part of something bigger than themselves and those few minutes felt like an eternity.

              More than 1.25 lakh students participated in the event – Solar Urja lamp (SoUL) - an IIT Bombay initiative-that was held in 850 schools across the country. Out of the 1.25 lakh lamps assembled across the country, 5700 were made at the IIT-Bombay campus. Guinness World Records certified the event that was organized by the ministry of new and renewable energy, IIT-B, State Rural Livelihood Missions (SRLM), SoUL and Tech fest.





                DIPLOMATHON - 8th & 9th SEPTEMBER, 2018

                Students of Rajhans Vidyalaya actively participated in a Model United Nation (MUN) held by Diplomathon at HVB Global Academy on the 8th and 9th of September. This MUN had a variety of committees including IFJ, ICJ, ASEAN, UNSC, FIFA, Marvel, Harry Potter, Commonwealth, BRICS and World Bank.

                An MUN like Diplomathon, helps to boost the oratory skills, it makes delegates rapidly think on their feet and overall it promotes a better understanding of current happenings around the world. It also increases the delegates’ confidence and social skills.

                The conference on both the days initiated at 9 a.m. and went on till 5 p.m. The delegates were served breakfast, lunch and evening snacks. A lot of hard work and dedication went into resolving the agendas. Fierce debates, shady speeches and funny chits to other delegates were found in most of the committees. Some committees like the World Bank & ICJ witnessed a Crisis session and still managed to draft a resolution.


                During the closing ceremony, delegates from Rajhans Vidyalaya bagged many prizes:

                1. High Commendation (UNSC) - Advaith Karnad (XI E) and Shreyas Ranjan (XI A)

                2. High Commendation (ASEAN) - Mayank Pandey (XI E) and Sukhbir Hooghan (XI A)

                3. Best Delegate (IFJ) - Pari Bhoite (XI B)

                4. Verbal Mention (World Bank) - Nidhi Samant (XI E)

                5. Verbal Mention (ICJ) - Kaeshaun Singh (XI A) and Rishika Jain (XI F)

                6. Special Mention (UNSC) - Avani Babtiwale (XI F) and Rucha Gavaskar (XI E)

                7. Special Mention (ICJ) - Krishna Mallya (XI B) and Vedant Kulkarni (XI C)

                8. Special Mention (BRICS) - Atef Sheikh (XI F) and Anoushka Sharma (XI F)

                By the end of the conference, the students left with enriched experiences on their belts and huge smiles on their faces. All the delegates expressed their gratitude to Rajhans Vidyalaya and Diplomathon for providing them with the opportunity to participate in such a successful and rewarding MUN.



                  STUDY NETWORK SEMINAR – 6th SEPTEMBER, 2018

                  On 6th September, 2018, the students of Std. XI from Rajhans Vidyalaya went to Oberoi International School, to attend a seminar for the Study Networks. It was a place where representative universities from all over the world came to promote their institution and encourage and convince the students to join their universities as it could help them in their future.

                  Students from all over Mumbai visited the seminar in order to get a brief idea for what they can look for after Std. XII. Each and every student got a chance to speak or interact with their university representative face to face and clarify their doubts. They also briefed up regarding the various subjects, scholarship facility, internship, etc.

                  This provided an opportunity for the students to think over and choose the best for their future and flourish accordingly.