Student's Workshop



    “The purpose of a story teller is not to tell you how to think, but to give you questions to think upon”.

    Rajhans Vidyalaya organised a workshop on story telling on 21st December 2016 by Katie Bagli for the students of Std. I to IV.

    The students of Std. I and II had a sketchy idea about the life cycle of the butterfly, before the workshop but when they saw the colourful illustrations, pictures and explanation they understood the story which was connected to nature. The children discussed enthusiastically amongst themselves and also went to the convenor to clear their doubts. There was a lot of interaction between the convenor and the students.


    The same workshop was conducted for the students of Std. III and IV where they were told about various scary animals. The children enjoyed the story telling activity and interacted with the speaker.


    A special workshop was held for students of Std IX on drugs and social awareness on Saturday, 10th December, 2016.

    Ably conducted by Dr. Kavita Sagarkar and Dr. Deepa Parab and other volunteers of APT., it tried to make the students understand the meaning of reality, perception and the consequences based on the perception.

    Students will be taking numerous decision in their lives. The decisions taken may be right or wrong and its consequences will be entirely based on their perception. The consequences of their actions in the real world cannot change the reality so they must make a wise decision after studying the short term and long term consequences.

    Using an interactive approach interspersed with a mix of examples and situations, Dr. Sagarkar tried to make students of this very impressionable age, understand how important it was for them to know themselves. Self-awareness with an understanding of the consequences will help them to make better decisions in life.


    “Take a bath, brush your teeth, feel good from your head to your feet.”

    The primary section of Rajhans Vidyalaya organised a workshop on “Personal Hygiene” on 26th August, 2016.

    It was organised by the primary section teachers and was attended by students of Std. I and Std. II.

    Cleanliness means keeping our body, mind and everything around us clean. This is a good habit and should be cultivated in the early years of childhood.

    The workshop was conducted through a Puppet show, where students were taught the importance of personal hygiene – such as washing hands before and after having meals, brushing their teeth twice a day, taking a bath everyday, etc.

    The puppet show was thoroughly enjoyed by the students. Various activities were conducted with the students after the completion of the workshop.



    “Flight is the only truly new sensation that man has achieved in modern history”.

    Rajhans Vidyalaya organised a workshop on “Information of International Airport” on 3rd August 2016. It was conducted by Mr Sanjay D Gawde of Swayam Enterprises.

    The workshop was attended by students from Std. I to Std. IV of the primary section in the yoga hall.

    Under the aegis of this workshop students were given a live demonstration on airport activities. Various types of airport in Mumbai, the entrance and exit procedures for passengers in the airport, ticket counter, air cargo, aviation fuel, helipad, control tower, cafeteria etc. were discussed.


    The workshop also emphasised on documents required i.e passport, visa and ticket to fly abroad. Students enjoyed the briefing of boarding on an aeroplane as well as demonstration on runway for aeroplanes to take off and land.

    Various activities were conducted for the students of Std. I to IV to recapitulate the information received during the workshop.


    A refreshing and enriching workshop was conducted by the World’s youngest motivational speaker Rushabh Kaalia for the students of Std. XII. The objective of this talk was to inspire and motivate the students to get the best out of themselves and do well in the future.

    According to the speaker, if a person is willing to give 100% to some work, he will get the best results most of the time. He stated that he would share experiences and was able to establish “a connect”’ to the young student audience. With the help of an example, he stated that, life is a journey of continuous learning, and learning should never stop.

    He also mentioned that life is all about time or number of breaths one takes. In other words, life is related to money, and life should not be wasted.

    One of the important things is to show gratitude in life-gratitude to God in the morning, parents for bringing us up with love, teachers for enlightening us and finally, God at the end of the day. One must do productive work and not waste time on the distractions such as social media.


    Using examples, the speaker went on to make the students understand the meaning of the five years of study which will enable them to lead a full filled and happy life in future.

    Finally, negativity can be bad for development of one’s personality. Hence it is important to let go, forgive people’s actions and words.

    If students do their best with an attitude of gratitude and positivity; if they give 100% effort with an attitude of learning and are ready to receive more; forget and forgive negativity; while keeping the future goals and life in mind they will do much better. By remembering the above they will experience a better quality of life.