Silver Jubilee Events

(26th and 28th JUNE, 2010)


Rajhans Vidyalaya celebrated its Silver Jubilee function at Bhaidas Hall on Saturday, 26 June 2010, in the benign presence of the Trust Chairman Shri. D.D. Udeshi, the School Committee Members, Shri. J. L. Thakkar, Shri. S. A. Merchant, Director - B. C. Kumawat, Principal - Deepshikha Srivastava, the parents, the students and other invitees.

The function began with its pomp and pageantry. As it is our culture and tradition it began with the lighting of lamp by the Trustees, the Director and the Principal, who has been the guiding star since the inception of Rajhans Vidyalaya in the year 1985 to this D-day. Through her speech she made everyone visualize the memorable past, glorious present and the aspiring future of Rajhans Vidyalaya and she launched the RAJHANS VIDYALAYA ALUMNI ASSOCIATION thus presenting a platform for the ex-students to get together.

The theme of the function was ‘HOPE’. The cultural programme unfolded the messages of CHARACTER BUILDING, LITERACY FOR ALL, CONFIDENCE, DIGNITY OF LABOUR AND UNITY IN DIVERSITY through songs and dances which left the audience spell bound. The final touch was the JAI HO which so enthralled them, coaxing them to join the rhythm of the song, when they put their hands together.

The whole show reached its pinnacle when the SCHOOL SONG was sung by the participants, the ex-students and the staff of RAJHANS. What more can an institution ask for, when the Principal who walked down the road of Rajhans all the 25 years, shed tears of joy as she embraced her staff.

(6th JULY, 2010)

With the progress made in child psychology in the last one decade, learning disabilities and other problems faced by school children are getting the much needed attention that they deserve.

Our school famous for its progressive efforts is doing its bit for these special children. It has launched a center for differently abled students as a part of its 25th anniversary celebrations. Dr. Anjali Chhabbria , a renowned psychiatrist and honourable Mrs. Sudeshna Chatterjee, principal of Jamnabai Narsee School, were the chief guests for the inauguration. Our respected principal, Mrs. D.S. Srivastava, outlined the need for the center aptly named as Samanvaya, which means ‘Integration’. She said that the purpose of the center is two fold :- to understand and take care of the various needs of children, and to sensitise teachers, parents and the rest of the world about them.

“Although, our school has always had students with cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy, hearing and other sensory disabilities on its roll, this center is another step forward in making education inclusive”, our principal said.

Our honourable chief guest, Dr. Chhabbria said that the benefits of this might seem unclear in its first few months, but it might be necessary to expand it later, explaining that every child needs complex interaction of feeling, emotion and influences, both positive and negative. She said their needs have to be understood. She added that even though it is difficult to address the needs of all the differently abled kids in school, small changes and adjustments can be made to listen to the children and support them.


Mrs. Sudeshna Chatterjee spoke about her school’s experiences with such an initiative, and pointed out that kinder members of staff might be as effective as special educators at such centers.

Our, school counselor Mrs. Aruna Banthia will be the one coordinating with everyone at the center, and will be working on the informal assessment of the problems of the children. She added that she was trying to get a clinical psychologist on campus soon.

( 21st AUGUST, 2010)

As a part of the Sliver Jubilee Celebrations an Inter School dance competition was organized by the school on 21 August, 2010 in the school auditorium. It was judged by eminent judges, Mrs. Prassanna Panicker, Mrs. Rooma Banerjee & Mrs. Lekha Roshan. Seven schools participated in the competition namely- Ashok Academy, Chatrabhuj Narsee Memorial, Hansraj Morarji Public , Gyan Kendra , R.N. Poddar , Vibgyor and Yashodham schools. All of them performed a contemporary dance with a social message. Lot of enthusiasm and excitement was seen in the participants.

Vibgyor school took away the I prize, followed by H.M.P.S school II prize and Chatrabhuj Narsee Memorial school III prize. All the participants were given certificates.


( 27th SEPTEMBER, 2010 TO 3rd OCTOBER,2010)

                 Rajhans Vidyalaya is celebrating Environment Week as a part of its Silver Jubilee Celebration from 27th September to 3rd October 2010. The Environment Week was inaugurated by Dr. Vinod Kumar Sharma the Dean of Indira Gandhi Institute of Research and Development, at a function held at HMPS Ground on September 27, 2010. The students took a green initiative and planted sapling to do their bit. Students of Std XI and XII performed a street play enlightening us about the causes of Global Warming.
Various activities were held. All students were taken on a nature trail by volunteers from BNHS within the campus of our school. The students were shown several species of flora and fauna. BNHS also held an educational seminar giving the students information about arthropods (bugs). Many stalls were put up by the students and organizations like Eco-folks who displayed articles made of paper mash, Eureka Forbes encouraging the technique of rain water harvesting, Rajhans students displayed charts and models of solar cooker & desalination plant , promoting alternate sources of energy. The day concluded with BNHS showing the students a presentation on BIO-DIVERSITY of India and activities like – Nature trail, Herbarium making, Green Corner and Know your Bug.

28th September 2010

The second day brought to the students presentations and many competitions. The presentation was organized by PETA informing the students about animal rights and veganism. This presentation was followed by an Interschool Debate Competition hosted by our school at SPJIMR auditorium. Several dignitaries graced the occasion. Various schools participated enthusiastically. The categories and results are as follows:-

Category I (Std. VII & Std. VIII)
Topic – “Plastic once hailed a wonder material is now a serious world wide environmental health concern”.
Best Speaker – Kavya Tayal from Ashok Academy, Danesh Gandhi from Maneckjee Cooper School.
Best Team - Maneckjee Cooper School.

Category II (Std. IX & Std. X)
Topic – “Animals should not be used for research purpose”.
Best Speaker – Bianca Pais from Maneckjee Cooper School, Delshad Kalantary from Maneckjee Cooper School.
Best Team - Maneckjee Cooper School.

Category III (Std. XI & Std. XII)
Topic – “Global warming a threat or opportunity”.
Best Speaker – Vikram Vakil from Gokuldam School.
Best Team - Gokuldam School .

                          Simultaneously essay writing and poetry writing competitions were held for the students of Rajhans Vidyalaya. The topics were thought provoking. The primary students performed a street play at SPJIMR. A presentation on environment and plastic was shown to the students of Std. V and Std. VI.

29th September 2010

                           The third day of the Environment Week started with an excellent street play performed by the students of Std IX and X. It was followed by a presentation shown by the Rotaract Club on conservation of electricity and water. An Art competition was organized by our school for Std. V to Std. X students. The topics were related to environmental issues. There was a cleanliness drive by the primary students. A presentation on environment and plastic was shown to the students of Std. VII and Std. VIII.

30th September 2010

                    The fourth day of Environment Week started with a presentation shown to Std. VII students about conservation of water and electricity organized by Rotaract Club of Mumbai. Students of Std. VIII were encouraged to “Go Green with Plastic” by AIPMA. Later a Craft competition was held for all the students. The topic was best out of waste by using eco-friendly materials. The day ended with Shramdaan - students cleaning the school. This aimed at inculcating a sense of community feeling and also to make young Rajhansites understand the value of dignity of labour.

8th October, 2010

Educational trip to Holy Cross Theme Park

As part of the Environment Week the students of Std. I to Std. IV were taken for an educational trip to the Holy Cross Theme Park in Bhayander. The students learnt about their environment through exhibits, models and a vast variety of flora and fauna. The trip was informative, interesting and enjoyed by every child.

Educational trip to Keshav Shrushti

“Let learning be a joy and teaching be fun” is the motto of our school. In keeping up with this spirit school organized an educational field trip to Keshav Shrushti in Bhayander for the students of standard 5th, 6th and 9th on 8th October, 2010. The aim of the trip was to get the children acquainted with their environment in a true and practical sense. Keshav Shrushti encloses a huge area of 200 acres and is placed in green and refreshing settings.
Students were taken on a nature trail. They were shown models of solar cooker, rain-water harvesting, apiary etc. which promote eco friendly and sustainable living. During the trail students also observed various species of medicinal plants. Various vegetables like lady finger and chili had been planted in an organic manner. The nutrients supplied to the plants were obtained by techniques like vermi wash and vermin compost, while various water saving methods were used for irrigation. There was also a cowshed or ‘Gaushala’ from which the cow dung was used to produce methane gas in a bio gas plant.

All in all it was a wonderful experience for the students who gained a lot of knowledge about sustainable and eco-friendly measures for protecting mother-nature.

Educational trip to Wadi Hussena

Patience bears a sweet fruit, a fact were proven to the students of standards 7th, 8th and 10th of Rajhans Vidyalaya, who finally enjoyed a much awaited trip to Wadi Hussena in Bhiwandi on October 8,2010.

Wadi Hussena, so named after the mother of the founder of this well-known agro-park, is built in a valley (called ‘vadi’ in Hindi). The agro bark conducts several eco-friendly activities throughout the year. To name a few like – Vermiculture, Apiculture, Sericulture, Greenhouse cultivation, Bio Gas Plant etc.

Students also enjoyed a DJ and dance event after which they left for home with sweet and unforgettable memories.

Educational trip to Karjat

A lot of excitement awaited for the trip to Karjat on October 8,2010 by the students of Std. XI and XII. With the buses packed students left the hustle bustle of the city for the calm peaceful country side.
Satya Resort was like a breath of fresh air. A little bit of exploring led to a clear blue sky, a calm scène lake and all fell in love with the nature.
Some environment experts gave a lecture on the harmful effects of human activities on nature. A nature trail followed introducing to the rare species of flora and fauna.
The return journey was a quiet affair with all energy drained, students carved the cherished memories of the wonderful day.

9th October, 2010

INTER SCHOOL ECO FRIENDLY ART AND CRAFT COMPETITION was conducted on 9th October, 2010. A number of schools participated and the results are as follows:-



1. Children playing in the garden
2. Any Festival connected with nature
3. Visit to the Zoo
4. Van Mahotsav

I Prize – Trisha Shetty Std. VI from St. Louis High School.
II Prize – Anushka Ramchandani Std. V from Ashok Academy.
III Prize – Sai Gangawane Std. V from Raigad Military School.


1. Farmers working in the field
2. Route of the river from the mountain to the sea
3. Jungle scene
4. Keep the city clean

I Prize – Tanaya Kambli Std. VIII from St. Louis High School.
II Prize – Kattyayani Std. VIII from Gokuldham High School.
III Prize – Rachita Naik Std. VII from Manekjee Cooper School.



1. Save plants
2. Use public Transport
3. Do not tease animals
4. Save water

I Prize – Sohini Dasgupta Std. IX from St. Louis High School.
II Prize – Zeenat Maniar Std. IX from St. Anne’s High School.
III Prize – Rajdeep Savankar Std. IX from Gokuldham High School.


1. Save Animals
2. Save Fuel
3. Wildlife
4. Grow more trees

I Prize – Vikram Vakil Std. XI from Gokuldham High School.
II Prize – Neelam Joshi Std. IX from Gokuldham High School.



Topics- Collage work on any festival

I Prize – Simar Kaur Std. VI from Manekjee Cooper School.
II Prize – Sahil Chikhale Std. VI from A. H. Wadia School.
III Prize – Shlika Singh Std. VI from Manekjee Cooper School.


Topics- Ganesh Idol / Fruit / Flowers

I Prize – Aditya Yadav Std. VIII from A. H. Wadia School.
II Prize – Sahil Bhatkar Std. VII from Hansraj Morarji Public School.
III Prize – Sanaea Buhariwala Std. VII from Manekjee Cooper School.


Topics- Puppets

I Prize – Shubham Kedia Std. IX from St. Anne’s High School.
II Prize – Soujanya Giniyal Std. IX from Manekjee Cooper School
III Prize –Verma Kalpita Std. IX from G.M.E.S. High School.

Topics- Any 3D structure (Diwali lamp, Lampshade etc.)

I Prize – Roshni Saroj and Akshata Prabhu Std. XI

The result of the above competitions was declared by the following judges:-

Ms. Sunita Kulkarni , Ms. Sonali Korde and Mr. Satish Damde

10th October, 2010 

 RALLY - Save Environment –Save our planet.

                Walk a green mile rally was held on October 10, 2010.The parents, students and teachers gathered at Swami Samarth Circle in Lokhandwala which was the starting point of the rally. This rally was led by the school captain Anadi Mishra.The Director Captain Kumavat flagged off the rally. The Principal, teachers, parents and most importantly the students of Rajhans Vidyalaya joined this rally with great zest and zeal. The purpose of this rally was to create awareness about conservation of the Environment. All the students were divided into 4 groups. The themes given to each group were Save Fuel, Save Electricity, Save Water and Go Green. Many students joined the rally on cycles too. The Media who were present at the rally interviewed students on various topics regarding the environment. Parents volunteered to provide refreshments to the students. The students participated with a lot of energy by shouting slogans. They showed solidarity by participating in huge numbers and making this event successful. The rally terminated at Rajhans Vidyalaya. The Principal thanked the parents, teachers, students and peons for their sincere effort and participation. The rally was a huge success.




( 4th DECEMBER, 2010)

The school conducted sports for the underprivileged children on Saturday, December 4th 2010 at the H.M.P.S. ground

Dr. Devangi Dalal, Audiologist & Speech Therapist was the Chief guest on the occasion. Vrishali Pishpati, the CEO of Mumbai Mobile Creches was the guest of honour. About 220 children of construction workers under the NGO, Mumbai Mobile Creches participated in simple events; namely: Girls Category I (5-7 yrs) Picking up the ball, Category II (8 – 10 yrs) Jumping for Joy and Category III (11- 14 yrs) Filling the water bottle. Similarly for Boys Category I (5-7 yrs) Passing through the ring, Category II (8 – 10 yrs) Marble & Spoon and Category III (11- 14 yrs) Hurdles were conducted. For these underprivileged children it was a memorable day which brought smile on their faces. Each participant was given a gift hamper, mainly sponsored by Seven Hills Hospital Andheri (E) and supplemented by the staff and students of Rajhans Vidyalaya.

Everyone present on the ground dispersed with a silent pledge to do something more for these wonderful & talented children. It is truly said, “ we make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give”.

(5th DECEMBER, 2010)

As the early morning sun rose, across the horizon, Juhu beach was buzzing with students of Rajhans Vidyalaya and other schools impatiently waiting to start the Smile-A-Thon Marathon.

Our chief guest Mrs. Shaina N.C. in her usual spirited self, asked the students for the reason behind the Marathon and they answered with equal enthusiasm. Each one was running for a cause, to donate money for the children of the Tata Memorial inflicted with the deadly cancer disease. Other celebrities like the small screen comedians, Rakesh Shrivastava and Ali Azgar joined the participants casting their humorous spell. Students from other schools like- Ashok Academy, Kamaladevi Jain High School, M.V.M High School , Prof. Ramnath Pandey Jr. College, Nitin Godiwala Jr. College, Millat High School, H.M.P.S School, and Fidai Academy joined in the fray.

The students, parents, ex-students making upto approximately 1250 participants ran across Juhu circle, D.N. Police Station and were welcomed with free drinks and biscuits sponsored by our teachers, parents and ex-students at the H.M.P.S ground, where our Director Administration Captain B.C. Kumawat and our Principal were present to welcome them.

Dr. Jaffery from Tata Memorial Hospital claimed that cancer is definitely curable if detected on time, and distributed the prizes to the deserving students. On behalf of Rajhans Vidyalaya our Principal Mrs. D.S. Srivastava donated a cheque of 1,25,000/- to the children inflicted by cancer.

The prize winners are as follows:-



Primary Section Boys

I Prize - Hasnain Khan IV B
II Prize - Harshvardhan Singh III B
III Prize - Attharva Arya III A


Primary Section Girls

I Prize - Daniya Patne IV B
II Prize - Arzoo Chudersa IV A
III Prize - Palak Tanna III A






Boys Under 14 yrs Category

I Prize - Chandan Yadav from M.V.M School
II Prize – Granth Sajjan Shetty V A
III Prize – Amit Sahai VII A





Boys Under 16 yrs Category

I Prize – Rohan Nayyar X C
II Prize – Utkarsh Mehta from R.B.K School Mira Road
III Prize – Rohan Kishore IX A
III Prize – Anup Singh from Kamala Devi School


Boys Under 18 yrs Category

I Prize – Nitin Kedari from Prof.
               Ramnath Pandey Jr.College
II Prize – Dhananjay Shukla from
               Nitin Godiwala Jr.College
III Prize – Anadi Misra XI A


Girls Under 14 years

I Prize - Vidisha Shah VII B
II Prize - Priya Paradkar from M.V.M school
III Prize - Drishti Jain VI A


Girls Under 16 years

I Prize - Nikita Naik from Ashok Academy
II Prize - Simran Mendon from M.V.M school
III Prize - Itisha Sharma X C





Girls Under 18 year

I Prize - Savita Kanojia Prof. Ramnath Pandey Jr.College
II Prize - Mitali Vaidya XI B
III Prize - Juniyali Nauriyal XI C






I Prize- Mr. Victor Fernando
II Prize – Mr. Sanjay Kumar
III Prize – Mr. Shailesh Gharmade







I Prize- Ms. Tazyeen Sheik
II Prize – Ms. Bandini
III Prize – Ms. Lisa V. Thomas




(22nd DECEMBER, 2010)

With the year setting on the horizon, the year long celebration to mark the Silver Jubilee of Rajhans Vidyalaya came to an end on Wednesday, 22nd December, 2010.

The scintillating show of the inaugural ceremony set expectations soaring and the closing ceremony definitely lived up to it. The huge plush football ground of the school was converted into an open air auditorium and a huge LCD screen was installed on the stage. The programme began by acknowledging and welcoming the trustees - Mr. and Mrs. D. D. Udeshi, Shri Jaisingh L. Thakkar and our Director Administration Captain B.C. Kumawat who graced the occasion. After our Principal’s welcome speech, our major donors were felicitated without whom the celebration could not have attained this grand scale. Next the AISSE and AISSCE 2009-2010 toppers and then the entire Rajhans staff were felicitated by our trustees.

This was followed by a short film made by our ex-student tracing the gradual evolution of Rajhans Vidyalaya since the days of its inception. After this wonderful walk down the memory lane, we were transported to the world of youth, vigour and energy-a ballet capturing the essence of today’s youth. Next was a song and dance recital by our alumni which was their tribute to their alma mater. The programme ended with a show of solidarity by the staff of Rajhans Vidyalaya coming up on stage clad symbolically in identically designed silk sarees and enumerating the qualities that Rajhans stands for.