“Samanvaya” means integration. A process in school system which enables a child with learning differences to cope with education demands. A child with learning differences is like a wheel which needs grease to move. They need more time, energy and resources. The great challenge that we face, is meeting individual and unique needs of each child. We shall use the term learning differences instead of learning disability in the hope to encourage a holistic view of children with Learning Disabilities, a view that bolsters self esteem by emphasizing strength.

The brain and nervous system of the child with learning differences is structured in a different way. This structural difference makes their learning pattern different from others. We can not change the structure of the brain but we can change the process of teaching , responding and dealing with the child. Not only does it bring about a change in the child but also in the people who are dealing with the child. To bring about this chain of change Rajhans Vidyalaya has set up SAMANVAYA.


  • Understanding
  • Planning
  • Taking Action
  • To help children with LD to learn and cope with Life

  • To accomplish the mission we seek the partnership of:

    1.CHILD- most important person in the process, he should work

  • To recognize his own strengths and talents
  • To develop strategies to advocate for himself

  • 2.PARENTS- understanding child’s special needs. They need more time, energy and resources.
  • Trust your instinct -you know your child better than others
  • Understand child’s needs and strengths
  • Keep up- to-date records
  • Record your strategies and results

  • 3.PROFESSIONALS- to identify and assess the difference

    4.SPECIAL EDUCATOR- intervene effectively
  • Recognize the child’s learning style
  • Develop teaching methods suitable for child’s learning

  • 5.TEACHERS- most critical person in the process for
  • Early identification of difference in learning processes
  • Mentors to develop academic and non academic activities to develop resilience and self esteem in children.
  • The process is long term and the difference will stay but identification and leveraging of individual strength will prepare them to achieve success in their special area . Support shall be an ongoing process at Samanvaya.

    Like any other nurturance , persistence, care, compassion and skills will make the child successful in life and learning.

    Our services and faculties are:

    Advisor and Mentor
    Associate Prof. SPJIMR

    Special educator
    B.A.(Psychology), Dip. Spl. Ed. Hypnotherapist

    B.Sc. Dip. Spl. Ed.
    Counselor and play therapy

    Mrs. Aruna Banthia
    M.A. (Psychology) Dip. ( Counseling Psy.)

    Yoga teacher
    Mr. Vishal Ganatra
    B.Sc.(Yoga and Vedic Science)