Mrs.Deepshikha srivastava
“I have never let my schooling
Interfere with my education”


All of us today realize that schooling does not nurture the entire potential of a child. A remarkable performance in school examination need not present a great success in life.
The question that arises here is, do we consider ourselves to be learning centers or examination centers?

Unfortunately in our system, every achievement is based on marks and this itself distorts the basic aim of education. If we balance knowledge and interest against percentage, the scale is tilted towards the latter. Private tution worsens the drudgery of the students. In this juggle between exam and results, we have forgotten the very 'purpose of education’.
“Education is a way of living”. It does not teach you only to read and write but to be a good human being.

We have a sincere responsibility of moulding the future generation. In our rigid system of pencil-paper skills, less privileged, handicapped and students with learning disabilities have no place in the regular stream. They are left to special schools or to fend for themselves.
In Rajhans Vidyalaya we believe in a holistic approach. Inclusive practice is a part of our policy. ‘Inclusive Education ‘, means that all students in school, irrespective of their disabilities in any area, become part of the community. Inclusive means meeting the needs of the children with disabilities for a free and equal education in the least restrictive and most effective environment.

Let us, teachers and parents, sensitize to make school into learning centers which will nurture all individuals who come into its fold.


Principal Rajhans Vidyalaya ( Primary, Secondary & Senior Secondary )


  • Postgraduation - Child development and family relations from Nirmala Niketan, Mumbai.
  • Diploma in Dietics and Nutrition
  • Diploma in Higher Education
  • Bachelor of Education


Mrs. Deepshikha Srivastava is a former lecturer of Nirmala Niketan. She headed  the nursery teachers training dept. of  Sophia College. She is the founder member and lecturer of ECCE programme at Surajba College of Education.

She is currently the principal of Rajhans Vidyalaya since its inception. She has also been the Hon. Directress of Mufude AM Inter College Agra. She is  the Hon. Board member of Arunodaya Public School, Thane (West).

She has been the President of Rotary Club (Juhu) for 2 years and at present  continues to be a member of the Club as a group coordinator.

She is currently the member of the CBSE recognition committee and has  inspected and given recognition to a number of schools.

Other Interests

She is the member of DEI Agra, syllabus formation for Nursery Teachers’ training course. She has flair for writing. She has written more than 200 poems and edited books for children. Her passionate poems have been published in National Magazines. She has been interviewed on T.V. on various occasions. She is presently on the advisory board of various schools. She has been involved with various cultural and social organizations.