The school is run and managed by the trustees of Bai Kabibai and Hansraj Morarji Charity Trust.

Name Designation
Shri D.D.Udeshi Chairman
Shri Deepak Bhimani Trustee
Shri Jaisinh L.Thakkar M.D. School Committee
Shri Vijaysinh V.Ved Trustee
Shri S.A. Merchant Trustee
Shri Deepak V.Ved Trustee
Smt. Mala Ramadoorai Trustee


Capt. B. C. Kumawat a representative of the management is present on the campus to take spot decisions to enable smooth functioning of the school.


Captain(Retd.) B.C.Kumawat an ex-IITian, took premature retirement from the Indian Navy to be with the future generation. During his 27 years of illustrious service with the Indian Navy (Education Branch) he was actively involved with Naval Public Schools and Kendriya Vidyalaya’s as administrator and Chairman. Captain Kumawat believes in “Education with Values” a complete package, wherein in a child is taught Indian tradition, culture along with the course curriculum. We must allow the child the freedom of thinking and encourage him to stimulate his curiosity by asking questions.