Life Skills



    Life skills and Work education classes are conducted with the students of Std. VIII twice a week, to make them aware of the different cultural practices of the people of India. Students were asked to maintain a scrapbook.

    Composition of a family, joint and nuclear family and extended role of each member in a family was discussed in the month of June. All students enacted a role play to discuss the importance of a family unit and they also highlighted the importance of respecting elders in a family.

    In work education, students made wall hangings using newspaper rolls.

    STD. X

    On July 19, 2016, our school had arranged for a presentation of skit on the topic “Stress Management” for the students of Std X.

    In the earlier class, a discussion was held between the students and teacher where the teacher told them about “What stress is?” & “What are its causes?”. She also asked the students to analyze their stress points, their strengths and weaknesses. The teacher then went on to suggest tips to get rid of exam stress and achieve good grades.

    On 19th July, 2016, a role play presentation was conducted. The class was divided into 6 – 7 groups and each group was given a real life problem to see how well they tackle the situation.


    All the students enthusiastically took part in the skit and performed their roles brilliantly. The teacher recorded the role plays. After all the skits were done, the teacher asked the students a few questions based on the role play and concluded the session by suggesting some more methods for stress management.