The school is ideally located and provides facilities, which are rare in this metropolis. Some of the facilities provided are:


Spacious classroom with cross ventilation, has a public address system, display board and a black board.


This is a multi-purpose hall used for seminars, assembly for the Primary section and inter-class competitions. Art and Craft competitions are held here.


All indoor games from badminton, carrom, table tennis, chess are held here during the regular games period.


“Life is a stage where every man plays his role”. The theater hall is used to polish acting skills of the students. Annual Day, Farewell, APT meetings, seminars are held in the theater hall.


We have two computer Labs – one for Primary and Secondary section and another for Senior Secondary section. It also has laser printers and scanner. Internet connection and LAN connection.


A room with a computer and a projector. This technology challenges the notion that education is a boring burden. Through power point presentations designed by the students and teachers, the students enter the road to discovery of knowledge in all spheres of life.


Well ventilated Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Engineering Drawing and Math laboratories equipped in accordance with CBSE examination board. We maintain the quality of the chemicals and use branded instruments. The labs nurture like an invisible force, the scientists of tomorrow.


"Art is the expression of the soul". The art room displays the artistic skills of the students. It has the necessary canvases, paints and brushes needed for the students to display their intrinsic expressions.


The school runs a mess, which provides wholesome, nourishing and balanced vegetarian snacks and lunch to the students of standard I to XII. Milk and snacks are provided to the Primary section students.


It is said that,"Books enlighten the soul of man". A well equipped library at Rajhans Vidyalaya is like food for thought. Books ranging from Encyclopedia, World Book, Reference Books, NCERT books, various childrens' magazines, newspapers and a plethora of fact & fiction complete the library.


Besides a huge basketball court, the adjacent playground of HMPS is shared by Rajhans Vidyalaya for sports day and interschool matches. Football, cricket, basketball, badminton,hockey, kho-kho, skating are some of the sports played at the campus, inculcating in the students a spirit of sportsmanship.


With the vast changes in the modern world,a Counselor is a necessity in every school. Special education and counseling care is provided to students who need special attention at the 'Resource Center'. It advises the students on the choice of subjects and career opportunities. Special care is taken for students with learning disabilities.