Std X – Students made interesting and innovative paintings in the coffee painting session conducted by Mrs. Shraddha Arolkar.

Std IX – Students took part in sports activity.

Std VIII – Students of Std. VIII C made wall hanging and students of Std. VIII A & B delivered speeches given by great leaders.

Std VII – Students of Std. VII C participated in “Carrying the story forward”, Std. VII B made first aid boxes and Std. VII A wrote and recited an ‘Acrostic poem’.

Std VI – A dental check-up was organized by a panel of expert doctors lead by Dr. Jyoti from D. Y. Patil college.

Std V – An NGO, ‘Parishar Ki Asha’ organized an eco-friendly Ganpati making session.



  • The students of Rajhans Vidyalaya expressed their concern for the environment by conducting various activities:

    Std VI – The students designed a pamphlet on water conservation.

    Std VII – The students were taught to make a terrarium by our very accomplished ex-student- Ms. Mahithi Pillay. Students were motivated by the informative presentation.

    Std VIII – Students paid a visit to the botanical garden situated in the HMPS campus. They were taught about ‘grafting’ and how to go about planting a sapling.

    Std IX – The students listed 10 ways towards a ‘Green Environment’ and presented the same in interesting shapes.

    Std X – Students were at their creative best when they designed a poster on ‘Environment Conservation’ with the help of magazine & newspaper clippings.



  • The students of Rajhans Vidyalaya participated in various club activities which helped to enrich and equip them with various skills.

    The activities were as follows:

    Std VI – A presentation on the ancient wonders of the world was shown to the students, students participated in the gardening club and also learnt to make nutritious ‘bhel’.


    Std VII – Students visited the H.M.P.S nursery, solved a word search puzzle and learnt to make ‘sevpuri’.

    Std VIII & IX – Students participated in a workshop on Emergency First Aid.


    Std X – Students visited ‘Ayakshya Clinic’, where they learnt to prepare patient’s bed and the precautions to be taken during an emergency. They also had a glimpse into the life of Shri Kailash Satyarthi, the noble prize winner and his contribution to the society. The students also had a discussion on “New inventions in the field of Biology in the last 5 years”.