Ayaksha Wellness Clinic

We all understand that health and education are inextricably linked. Students and staff spend most of their energies in a day here, where they learn, work and grow.

Thus, school is one of the most important settings for promotion of good health. The foundation of healthy and disease free life can be laid down successfully because children’s are in the most influential and learning stage of their life.

Ayaksha Healthcare SCHOOL HEALTH & SAFETY EXPERTS a pioneering outfit dedicated to bring quality wellness services to the school doorsteps Professional entity capable of providing all healthcare and safety solutions to schools. Successful track record of diagnosing students in schools with 10000+ student population satisfied reputed clientele including IB schools.
Ayaksha Healthcare SCHOOL HEALTH & SAFETY EXPERTS promoted by a team of healthcare professionals has emerged as a specialized entity focused on managing healthcare activities in schools. Our services include:

• Management of School clinics
• Initial medical profiling of the students
• Regular medical check-ups (yearly/half-yearly)
• Maintenance/updating of medical records on school software
• Educational seminars for children/parents
• Training sessions (first-aid) for school management/staff.

Management of School Clinic

Trained Nurse/Paramedic during school hours
• Equipments for your medical room

1) Permanently installed Brand New - 2 Medical Beds, Stretcher, Dentist Chair, Vision Testing equipments,  
Oxygen cylinders, Weigh Scale, Blood Pressure monitors, Posters, other materials
2) Other equipments (Omnisense Bone Densitometers, Audiological equipments) on need basis
• Regular updating and maintenance of Health Record Journal (manual entry and on School MIS)

Annual Check-up of all students by following experts

• Paedtrician - General growth profile and health assessment
• Ophthalmologist/Optometrist – Vision testing, General eye health
• Dentist – Dental assessment
• ENT – Comprehensive assessment of Ear Nose and Throat
• Bone growth assessment

Training & Awareness

• First-aid awareness session for all the school staff
• Nutritional seminars for all students/parents
• Disaster management and mock evacuation drills
• Seminar on personal hygiene and maintenance/Sex Education
• Seminar on parenting
• Seminar on Healthy life Style

Other Services

• Provision of a doctor during epidemic/pandemic breakout
• Sessions and Posters for education during epidemic/pandemic breakout
• Organizing health related quiz and drawing competitions